Drevna energetska Joga

Heightened states of awareness

Polje Lotusa

You often mention heightened states of awareness, so could you give us a couple of examples of your own experience?

My earliest experience dates from the 80s when I was a member of Theosophical society. Every year we went camping-lectures held in Slovenia. It happened once at the end of the last day of our residence. The weather suddenly changed, the lead clouds appeared from nowhere and then they quickly disappeared letting the Sun shine only on us in the camp. A weird atmosphere was created, there was something indescribable in the clean forest air and we all stood there watching the clear, transparent sky.

Most of us spontaneously raised our hands to the sky and we stayed like that quietly for several minutes. I felt like some undefined energy was getting into me, overwhelming my entire body. I knew that something was happening but I couldn’t realize what it was. The only thing I understood was that something inside me had changed and that my life course was charted. Only many years later, did I understand that besides human beings there are energetic beings, protectors, who help those people who are on their spiritual path. After that, I completely dedicated myself to yoga.

I had moments of heightened state of awareness with each teacher, but the retreat in darkness of the Tibetan monastery and events from Bali are the most important in my spiritual course.

Anyhow, I would like to mention something really weird that happened to me after the retreat on Zlatibor with Lama Tenzin.Lama told me to meditate regularly on the Tibetan A.

One morning, around 8 o’clock I sat in the lotus position and started meditating. That usually lasted about half an hour because I couldn’t sit longer in that position.

After awhile, my mother came into my room to inform me that a friend of mine had arrived to listen to some CD. I told her that he should arrive around noon, and she replied that it was 11:30.I asked him to wait for awhile, and continued meditating. My mother interrupted me again saying it was noon.

U tom trenutku, shvatio sam da sam proveo skoro 4 sata u meditaciji u lotosu i da me noge nisu bolele.

In that moment, I realized I had spent four hours in the lotus position and my legs didn’t hurt. It’s shocking that I repressed that event, and ten years later, in a deep meditation, I realized what had actually happened and Lama Chopel explained it to me even better.

I realized that I had experienced something pretty rare. I spent four hours in the most profound meditation, I felt I became one with everything that existed and it lasted so long but I didn’t remember anything. Lama explained to me that I had been high above and I got the highest knowledge but at that point I didn’t deserve to apply them.

I became alienated, I didn’t practice enough, I didn’t dedicate myself to the spiritual path, and for awhile I turned myself to the matter . Only after I had completely changed and dedicated my life to search for the mystery of life and enlightenment did I find the purpose of life. I had earned it based on my deeds. It was given to me again but in the small proportion.

When I make a mistake, those abilities disappear. Lama also told me it was very significant that after I had stopped meditating I easily returned to that state and remained like that for about half an hour. It’s a pity that after that experience I didn’t continue to practice it.

But, that’s life and I cannot know what light is unless I was in the dark.

I would like to mention another experience from the last year’s yoga class. It was the full moon and we did the Moon salutation. Even before the class, I had felt the energy that day was extremely intense, dense and weird. While the four of us worked as if we were one, I was completely inside like I did yoga mentally and not bodily. The entire time I felt prana running through my body- for a moment like the hot steam, then like mild electric shocks and then like the complete peace. I felt my mind was like a crystal. I was somehow excited but completely calm. It felt bliss was running through my body like nectar, amrita. I had never experienced the moon energy so intensely.

The class was finished. We were all quiet because nobody was capable of talking.

I couldn’t sleep until the morning. I listened to music, read a book, watched a movie-I experienced all of that a hundred times stronger than ever. Everything was like the most beautiful dream. A couple of more days I felt the energy that gradually weakened.

Other students experienced something similar.

Since then, whenever it’s the full moon we do the Moon salutation with meditation, followed by ritual music that completely corresponds to the energy.