Drevna energetska Joga


Yoga for making people feel younger


Recently it is said that yoga exercises make people feel younger, especially after publishing of the book (which we published as well) where Tibetan exercises that definitely make people feel younger are described. Although these exercises are called Tibetan, they are actually a part of yoga exercises. We should not forget that the first written information about yoga are 6000 years old and that the physical education, spinal exercises given by doctors, autogenic training, Pilates are just a pale copy of yoga exercises.

Names of those exercises cannot be easily found in the literature, especially in what order they are performed, i.e. how complete lessons look like.

Exercises that make people feel younger the most are: maha mudra, maha bandha, maha vedha, khechari mudra, uddiyana bandha, moola bandha, jalandhara bandha, vipareeta karani, vajroli mudra, shakti chalana.Sheetkari technique makes us more beautiful while pranayana techniques in general make us feel younger. We live longer using proportional slower breathing because that is when the energy burns. Both catabolic and anabolic activities reduce, man feels balanced and that’s how the youth is maintained. Besides that, there are some other techniques like face lifting, shaolin vibrations and certain meditations which a friend of mine, who had spent some time in the Shaolin monastery, taught me. These exercises are effective only during the class, and if we do only these techniques randomly, the effects are minimal, and sometimes, if they aren’t properly done, they can be harmful.

Based on my experience, 40 years of active training (three hours a day, three times a week), and 26 years as a yoga teacher, I can confirm that yoga makes us feel even 20 years younger. It doesn’t only make us feel younger but it also makes us feel more beautiful. We reach the inner beauty by doing yoga that is later manifested on the physical level as well.

Yoga techniques are not enough; we also need yoga lifestyle –right thoughts, words, deeds and regular vegetarian diet. When we have prana other people can see and feel it.

It can be noticed on my students who have practiced more than three years.

But these are just the secondary effects of yoga. Yoga aim is the enlightenment and self-realization.

If somebody does yoga only to look younger and more beautiful, it won’t be successful. If it by any chance succeeds, beauty is passing-it’s a shell we eventually dismiss. The inner, spiritual beauty is eternal….